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My Lover’s Quarrel (with the world)

I had a lover’s quarrel with the world. Robert Frost “In retrospect, this seems to summarize all the insanity of that time. Guy is standing on top of a burning building. Helicopter arrives, hovers, drops a rope ladder. Climb up! … Continue reading

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Raising Her Head: Goddess Resurgence and Pagan Responsibility

“For you men who still do not know I will give one further clue. Look into yourself – look into your heart. Do you see who it is who lies there, in a sleep near to death, a sleep that … Continue reading

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Dog Day Cookin’

Well, y’all, we’ve about celebrated ourselves right out of our skivvies over here in the last four days.   Somewhere between the circling, drumming and merry-making our first harvest came and went like so much thunder—hell, we even got rain enough … Continue reading

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Bacon and Bars

So, a Kitchen Witch and a stomach virus walk into a bar . . . Could anything be more ironic?  For the last four days, I have been unable to eat.  Strangely, SKW has also been unable to cook–which at … Continue reading

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Yule in Alabama, Homegirl Style

So it’s Yule in the South.  I woke to hammering rain and a to-do list as long as long as my arm.  Strange, considering how hustle and bustle this house usually is, how static and liquid the air felt this … Continue reading

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