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Complicity in the Faith

Makes me that much stronger Makes me work a little bit harder Makes me that much wiser So thanks for making me a fighter. Christina Aguilera, “Fighter.” Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only love can do that.  Hate cannot drive … Continue reading

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Raising Her Head: Goddess Resurgence and Pagan Responsibility

“For you men who still do not know I will give one further clue. Look into yourself – look into your heart. Do you see who it is who lies there, in a sleep near to death, a sleep that … Continue reading

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Gearing up Early for Mabon in the South: Recipes

Y’all, it’s not only important to remember that Mabon in the Northern Hemisphere occurs in September (although, it helps): it is also good witchiness to remember region when contemplating the feast.  As a harvest holiday, my Tribe’s table celebrates our local … Continue reading

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Green Mater Pie

Green Mater Pie You know that urgency you feel when all of the tomatoes come in–but won’t ripen fast enough?  Me, too.  As the hubby is allergic to apples, this recipe satisfies his craving for tart/sweet/cinnamony goodness and my need to … Continue reading

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Part Two: Dharma Versus Chaos Theory (The Divine Rite of Witches)

“The fact that a cloud from a minor volcanic eruption in Iceland—a small disturbance in the complex mechanism of life on the Earth—can bring to a standstill the aerial traffic over an entire continent is a reminder of how, with … Continue reading

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Karma Versus Asshattery: The Divine Rite of Witches

“If anyone says that a man or woman must reap in this life according to his present deeds, in that case there is no religious life, nor is an opportunity afforded for the entire extinction of sorrow. But if anyone … Continue reading

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George Bailey Bleeds . . . and Lassos the Moon

  Looks like we’ll have to send someone down. There are a lot of people asking for help for a man named George Bailey. Joseph, It’s a Wonderful Life Clarence! Clarence! Help me, Clarence! Get me back! Get me back, … Continue reading

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Protected: Afterglow (with a pipe)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Wooden Spoons

My momma has this story that has literally been stuck in my craw for years.  She had turned forty, was sitting at her desk at work (counseling psychology) and underwent an epiphany:  if I am going to do anything in … Continue reading

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Dog Day Cookin’

Well, y’all, we’ve about celebrated ourselves right out of our skivvies over here in the last four days.   Somewhere between the circling, drumming and merry-making our first harvest came and went like so much thunder—hell, we even got rain enough … Continue reading

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